[Music] Bismond – Somebody

Somebody” is a song that came to me after a personal experience with a friend who suddenly felt the need to belittle my every move all because he got to the success line.

It is a song that means a lot to me and one I know many can relate with. We live in a country where many take their religious beliefs to be way more important than God himself.

They go about worshiping their religious leaders and religious ornament more than the creator himself.

I thought to share my thoughts about this growing cancerous situation, bringing to light just how wrong it is to ignore one’s hustle and God just so they can pay more attention to their places of worship.

Big thanks to Tope Delano for creating this artwork, she was able to further communicate how many of us today see religion today with this artwork, I am grateful.

I hope after listening to this song and the message from this artwork, we know that God and our hustle is the key.

Not your pastor, Iman, not church/mosque services, not going to vigils every night, all days of the week, instead, having a relationship with God himself is the major key.

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